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Web Pages Comparison Tool

Have you ever wondered how your competitor’s site is ranking better on search engine result pages? If yes, then Page Comparison Tool is here to assist you in comparing web pages. Enter the two URLs you wish to compare and click the “Compare Content” button.

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How to Compare Two Web Pages?

Page comparison tool has made things easier for every web owner as it allows them to compare two webpages or compare websites side by side. If you are thinking that you need some technical knowledge for operating this tool, then you are wrong as this tool doesn’t put you into any kind of hassle. For conducting a side by side comparison of two webpages with this tool, you’ll have to follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to access this webpage by pasting the following URL in the address bar of your browser:
  2. As this webpage will open, you will see a box with two URL fields. In these spaces, you have to enter the URLs of the webpages that you wish to compare.
  3. The last step is to hit the “Compare Content” button.
  4. In a matter of seconds, this tool will display the on-page similarity results of the URL’s you’ve entered in it.

What does Web Page Comparison Tool Compare?

The web page comparison tool conducts the on-page analysis of two URLs and compares them side by side. The on-page SEO is vital for all websites as it plays a crucial role in upgrading their rank on search engine result pages. There are multiple on-site factors on which this smart and efficient tool conducts a comparison between two web pages.

The website comparative analysis tool allows you to compare and find similarity between the following on-page factors:

Meta Title: Each webpage has a unique meta title as this element defines the page title. Based on this element, search engines like Google display a webpage on its search results.

Meta Description: Meta description also carries great significance for on-page SEO as it depicts the whole summary of the content that a web page holds. If the search query of a user matches somehow with a meta description, then search engines usually display those pages on the top.

Meta Keywords: The meta keywords act as essential indicators in presenting a precise summary of a website’s content to search engines.

Content: The page comparison tool shows the content similarity in the percentage of the two pages’ URL you have entered. Content carries great significance for enhancing your rank, but it is supposed to be 100% unique and shouldn’t contain any similar data available on other sources.

How to Utilize Page Comparison Tool Results?

The results of a page comparison tool show you the differences between several on-page SEO factors of your site while comparing them with the competitive sites. Finding similarities and differences will notify you about how your competitors are ranking better on search results of search engines. Let’s look at how you can exactly utilize the page comparison tool results.

Content Comparison: As an SEO or web owner, you might already know that search engines prefer to rank the webpages with original material. Therefore, with the help of this tool, you can identify whether duplication or similarity in the content of your competitor’s and your own site is existing or not. The tool will display content similarity in percentage, and even if 1% of the content is matching, then you must work on making your content 0% similar to other webpages. Duplication in content can lead to several drawbacks on your site as it can hurt your rank or even cause deindexing from search results.

Content Length: The page comparison tool also shows the entire content of the two webpages that you enter in it for comparison. With this result, you can easily determine how brief or vast your content is in comparison with the competitor’s content. This information is vital for you to understand and make changes appropriately on your website for seeing an improvement in its rank on search engines.

Benefits of Using Webpage Comparison Tool

Conducting comparative website analysis has become more accessible due to the availability of various platforms that provide this service on the web. However, you might not find a better page comparison tool than the one on SmallSEOTools due to several benefits it offers to all of its users. Let’s look at some of the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy with our web page comparison tool.

Hassle-free side by side comparison: You can start comparing websites with this online tool as soon as you access it. The page comparison tool on our website doesn’t put you in registration troubles. Getting registered with the site isn’t the requirement for using this tool. You can get what you are looking for without facing any nuisance.

Quick comparison: The process of website comparison is executed, and results are displayed within a few seconds by this advanced page comparison tool. You might not find such remarkable responsiveness from any other tool available online.

Accurate comparative analysis: This web-based service provides its users with 100% accurate results. You don’t have to worry about the accuracy of comparison while you compare URLs with the web page comparison tool on SmallSEOTools.

Online service: The page comparison tool doesn’t ask you to install any software on your device. It’s a web-based tool that can be accessed with any device’s web browser. Whether you have a Windows, Android, iOS, or Mac device, this amazing tool will provide you the same level of service without imposing any limitations.

Free of cost: You will not have to pay a penny for using this website comparison tool. There is no premium or basic version of this service as we are offering it as an absolutely free of cost tool. You can compare pages as many times as you want without facing any restrictions.

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