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Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader allows its users to download Facebook story or video in HD quality. Paste the URL and press the button to start the process.

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Download Facebook:

Facebook Video Downloader by

SmallSEOTools created this Facebook video downloader to make it convenient for everyone to download videos from Facebook in HD quality.

You don’t need to install any software or computer application to download Facebook videos. Things you can save from Facebook are “Videos, stories, tv shows, short clips, reels, and other FB streamings”. All you need is to provide a link to the Facebook video or Facebook story, and the FB video downloader will save it for you on your device with a single click. 

Facebook Video Download - How to?

The Facebook video download process is easy. Follow these simple steps.

  • Copy the Facebook video link that you wish to download.
  • Paste the link and select video quality after the video preview.
  • Click the “Download Facebook Video” button and download FB video to your device.

Facebook Video Downloader for PC and Mobile

The advent of this Facebook video downloader has made it easier for people to download video from Facebook on both PC and mobile. 


If you want to download Facebook video using a PC, Open the video, copy its URL, and submit the URL to this Facebook video downloader online and start the process. 


Mobile users need to open the Facebook app and copy the video URL they wish to save from Facebook. Access this online FB downloader through a mobile browser, enter the URL of their desired video and hit the “Download Facebook Video” button to initiate the process. 

Facebook Story Download - How to?

Similar to FB video download, the process of Facebook story download with music is also easy. 

  • Click on the Story Icon.
  • Copy/Paste the Facebook story link.
  • Click the “Download Facebook Story” button to initiate the process.
  • Select the quality of the video for the FB story download.
  • Click the “Download” button to save the FB story.

Facebook Story Downloader for PC and Mobile

Facebook Story Downloader is also accessible for both desktop and mobile users. No matter which device you use, the Facebook story saver is easy to access and use. 


PC users need to access Facebook and open the FB story they wish to download and copy its URL in the same way. After that, access the Facebook story download tool, click on the Story Icon, enter the URL and hit the “Download Facebook Story” button to save FB story on your local storage.


Mobile users can view Facebook stories by accessing the app. When it comes to download Facebook story, you need to open the story and copy its URL. Open Facebook story saver on your mobile and paste the link to the fb save to your device. 

Download Facebook Video - Why use

  • Highest Quality Videos

Many Facebook downloader claims to offer high-quality results, but most fail. However, this online FB video downloader supports HD-quality video downloading. This Facebook video downloader fetches the video with the same quality as available on the submitted URL.

  • All Platforms Supported

You don’t need a specific device to use this Facebook video downloader online. is supported by all platforms, including the video downloader, which can easily be accessed anywhere around the globe. Smoothly download video from Facebook on any Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device and enjoy. 

  • No Spam

Facebook video downloader is a trusted tool that provides a safe and secure way to download videos from Facebook. Hence no spam is sent to your device when you try to save Facebook video.

  • Video Details in Real-time

Before starting the online Facebook video download process, do you wish to know the quality and size it will be downloaded in? With SmallSEOTools Facebook video downloader, you can easily view real-time video details. 

  • Facebook Story Download (Prior Preview)

You may fear that a Facebook story saver might fetch a different story. offers a preview before starting the Facebook story download process.

  • Express Download Speed

This Facebook video downloader has a swift processing time for downloading and transferring videos to your device’s storage. This Facebook downloader can save considerable time.

  • Unlimited Facebook Videos

Are you looking to download unlimited Facebook videos so you can watch them offline? SmallSEOTools’ FB Video Downloader ensures no limits.

FB Video Downloader - Key Features

💰 Free
🪶 User-Friendly
🚉 All Platforms Supported
📼 Get Videos & Stories
🖱 1 Click FB Video
🚄 Fast Download
What You’ll Get 
  • Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook videos are the most potent source of entertainment; all social media platforms provide this communication medium to their users. However, Facebook and other video-sharing platforms don’t offer the option of downloading videos. Instead, the users have to look back and forth to get their hands on an online Facebook video download tool. 

The Facebook downloader offered by SmallSEOTools is here to accompany you. Isn’t it great? The video downloader for Facebook is available for free without any restrictions. You can access this FB video downloader through any web browser (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, etc.) or resolution (HD, 4k, etc.) 

  • Facebook Story Downloader

Facebook allows its users to post videos as stories. These stories can be viewed on the platform for 24 hours. If you find a story posted on Facebook worthy of being watched multiple times, the only solution is to save it offline on your device. This feat is possible using a Facebook story downloader. 

SmallSEOTools allows users to download Facebook stories in HD to watch them later. The Facebook story saver has an intuitive interface that does not require you to go through any arduous process to download Facebook story. Download anyone’s status and share it with anyone or any other platform with the help of the Facebook story download tool.

Public vs Private Facebook Video Downloader 

This Facebook video downloader online ensures you get your desired content instantly. Our utmost priority is to make the data available for the users that are publicly available by the content creators. However, there’s a catch in the scenario, as this tool does not act like a private Facebook video downloader. 

You won’t be allowed to download private Facebook video and stories because the social media giant’s privacy policy is quite strict, and they won’t allow you to download Facebook private video online. 

Besides Facebook video downloader, you can also check out other relevant tools like Find Facebook ID.

Legal Note

Please be aware that does not support downloading Facebook videos that are protected by copyright or belong to other people or organizations. We do not support people using these videos for commercial purposes.

Non-copyright FB videos and FB story downloads are recommended.

We are not responsible for any copyright infringement that may occur by using this Facebook video download tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can This Facebook Video Downloader Download Videos from All Online Platforms?

No! The Facebook video downloader can only help you save videos and stories posted on Facebook. If your desired video is on another online platform, you can turn to our online video downloader and execute this task swiftly.

  • What If I Need to Download Facebook Reels?

You can access our Facebook reels downloader to download Facebook reels. Through this utility, you can easily save Facebook reels on your device with a single click.

  • In Which Format Does It Download Facebook Videos? 

Generally, Facebook videos are available in MOV and MP4 format, and the Facebook downloader allows downloading videos in the same format as published. 

  • Can I Download Facebook videos to MP4 Format?

You can use Facebook to MP4 converter that helps you to convert your Facebook videos to MP4 format in just one click.

  • How to copy links for Facebook videos?

There are two ways to copy Facebook video links for downloading:

  1. Right-click on the video and click “Copy Link Address”.
  2. Or press the three dots, then click “Copy Link Address”.
  • Can I Download Private Facebook story Videos?

No, you are not allowed to download FB stories marked as private. We don’t compromise on the privacy of the users, and for that reason, personal visual content isn’t available to download from Facebook. 

  • Where is Facebook Video stored on your PC?

When you download Facebook video, the file will be saved in whatever folder you have set as your default save location on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • How to Get the Story Link to Save from Facebook?

It is easy to get the link to save Facebook story; open the story and copy the link, and you are all done. 

  • Can I Download Live Facebook Videos?

Yes, you can download videos from Facebook. But you have to wait for the live streaming to be completed first and then copy the link and follow the steps explained above.

  • How to Download 4k Facebook Videos? 

Facebook video download tool offered by SmallSEOTools allows users to download Facebook videos in multiple qualities, including the ones available in 4K resolution. You can easily download 4K Facebook videos through it.

  • Does save downloaded Facebook videos?

No, the videos downloaded through the Facebook video download online tool by SmallSEOTools are not stored by the platform itself. After downloading and saving the videos to the device, the index of these videos is removed from the SmallSEOTools website. 

  • How to download private Facebook videos?

SmallSEOTools respect the privacy of people using Facebook to connect and interact with others. Hence, its Facebook videos download utility won’t allow users to download private Facebook videos.

  • What is a Facebook private video?

Private Facebook Videos are videos shared in a private group, fan page, or user profile that are not accessible to everyone, unlike a public Facebook video.

Note: Our tool respects user privacy. Thus you cannot refer to as a Facebook private video downloader.

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