‘Trump will be careless and indolent.. but he is making you win, then okay’ 2022.

Trump will be careless and indolent.. but he is making you win, then okay

The Republican Party in America must be experiencing what happens when the leader becomes bigger than the party. There has never been a time in American history that the ruling party did not lose a large amount of seats in the midterm elections. If there is a Democratic Party in power, don’t want to see it. The most popular of this party is Barack Obama or Bill Clinton.

‘Trump will be careless and indolent.. but he is making you win, then okay’.

All Democratic presidents have been plagued by midterm elections. Already the Democratic Party and its president, Joe Biden, have been branded inactive, flat, weak, etc. So everyone was sure that the Democratic Party will be defeated in this year’s election. The American media was overflowing with discussions about how ‘poor Biden’ will spend the remaining two years of his presidency, how his hands will be tied.

The reason why everyone was so sure of such a democratic wash was because of former President Donald , who was very confident in his speech. In this year’s elections, this former president chose his party’s candidates on the basis of caste and started campaigning at huge expense. The glory of this propaganda is that it made everyone feel sure that the atmosphere of the Republican Party is everywhere.

Everyone assumed that the Republicans would have an unprecedented victory. On the day of counting of votes, Trump himself organized a war party in his palace at Mar-a-Lago in the presence of senior media workers and independent politicians. However, from midnight onwards, this colorful event began to fade and finally, it was time for Trump to step out on his own. Now the members of the Republican Party are starting to discuss about the entire existence of Trump.

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Because everyone has started to realize that Trump has made his image bigger than his party and saving the party from Trump has become the biggest challenge of that party. This is because the House of Elders, the Senate, is far from being pulled away from the Democratic Party; Republicans found it increasingly difficult to maintain the numbers they had in that party.

In the lower chamber, the House of Representatives, Trump-led Republicans were assured of a landslide majority. Had that been the case, it would have been easy for him to replace the frail Nancy Pelosi, who is approaching ninety years old and still has the energy of a young woman, as chairman.

Palosibai has been on this post since 2007 and during Trump’s presidential career, he literally defrauded the president. So it’s natural that Republicans, including Trump, are angry with him. But they could not convert this anger into a victory for the Republicans. Some results from these houses are yet to come. But whatever it takes, it doesn’t look like Trump’s victory will be far away.

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It is a situation that either his party will get the required number of 218 for majority or it will not be able to be achieved. And even if that party gets a majority in this House, there are signs that it will be a very narrow one. So, due to this electoral reality, a question seems to be widely discussed in the Republican Party.

The question is what to do with this Trump. Many people such as the official media advisor of the Republican Party and many former leaders of this party have expressed the need to get the party out of Trump’s trap and if this is not done, they have warned that the party is doomed.

Trump took the party to the extreme right. This is not the history of this party. Many important personalities like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt who was the President of the United States in the face of the First World War, Eisenhower who led the world in the Second World War, etc. were the leaders of this party. Richard Nixon, who became controversial due to the Watergate affair, also belonged to this party.

However, the balance of the party has shifted since the party’s sources went to a flamboyant figure like Ronald Reagan. He became increasingly right-wing and therefore reactionary. Issues such as religion, caste etc came on the agenda and personal and medical issues like abortion were placed in the fold of religion. Later, the younger Bush and then Trump further aggravated the backwardness of the party by giving new bursts of that Islam-hatred. Religion often appeals to the economically disadvantaged.

During his time, Trump made full use of this truth and took an anti-economic reform stance. Trump added religious and economic retrogression to the suffering of those who could not reach the Ganga of development while many benefited from the rate of globalization. They claim that they have the antidote for this. It was initially considered sweet by many. So Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

But it cannot be said that he put his presidential term to good use. Instead of what we can do better, Trump has been preaching how bad the opposition Democrats are. This gentleman is drowned in his own passionate love. He is not ready to come out of it.

No one can hurt someone who loves himself so much and so much. Because there is an impenetrable shell around such persons. Reality does not have the power to penetrate it. That is why even after losing the 2020 presidential elections, Trump still felt that he had actually won.

After that, the shocking attack on Capitol Hill took place. Actually, that was the time for the Republicans to get rid of Trump. But it didn’t happen that time. This is because of Trump’s perceived popularity. Republicans are hoping that she will help them navigate the ocean of elections. Republicans must have narrowly thought that ‘Trump will be careless and indolent.. but he is making you win, then okay’. His party suffered in these elections.

As it was thought, the Republicans have come to realize the bitter truth that Trump cannot get them elected, and therefore it seems that an open discussion has started in that party whether to stand behind him in the 2024 presidential election or not. That is why it seems that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be his challenger instead of Trump. On the whole, instead of making the party bigger because of Trump, Trump used the party only to make himself bigger. As a result Trump got bigger and his party got smaller.

Currently, the American media seems to be full of stories of these conflicts. Maureen Dowd of ‘New York Times’, George Will of ‘Washington Post’, Kathleen Parker etc. are seen hanging the flags of Trump and Republicans on the gate. The New York Post even titled its report describing the election results as ‘Trumpty-Drumpty’, based on the ballad ‘Humpty Dumpty Sat on a Wall’. However, the Republicans have realized the fear of ‘all fall down’ and it seems that the party’s attempt to shake the yoke of Trump has started. The American voters showed that elections are the only option to bring self-absorbed politicians to their senses.

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