FIFA World Cup 2022 Group A, Netherlands expected to one-sidedly dominate the group

FIFA World Cup 2022: Fifa World Cup 2022 is starting from November 20 in Qatar. You can know all the updates of this competition through cialistdl

The group stage of the Football World Cup was announced and the Netherlands fans were delighted. He was convinced that there was no obstacle in crossing the primary group chain. Group ‘A’, which includes them, will square off for second place.

The Netherlands




FIFA World Cup 2022: Going to Qatar, Know the Rules?

The Qatari government has strict conditions for fans. Are you going to Qatar? But you also have to be under strict surveillance.

The Qatari government has strict conditions for fans. Are you going to Qatar? But you also have to be under strict surveillance. Already in the World Cup atmosphere, there is no end to the controversy across Qatar. The biggest controversy before the World Cup is the death of foreign workers one after the other.

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According to sources, around 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died in Qatar. And this incident has happened since 2010. Coincidentally, FIFA announced Qatar as the host country for the World Cup in the same year. Many people have called for a boycott of the 2022 Qatar World Cup (Qatar World Cup 2022) . Which includes prominent people of the society.

The country’s media has revealed various incidents of violence in Qatar. Human rights lawyers, Shram Kalyan Samiti have repeatedly protested the violence in the queue. However, Qatar has been given the right to operate. It is known that there has been a huge financial transaction for getting the responsibility of hosting the World Cup.

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That too illegally. Controversy aside, Qatar is now officially in charge of hosting the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Football fans should know some rules if they want to come to watch the World Cup in that country.

Another controversy in between. The treatment of homosexuals in Qatar is controversial. Which increased the heated debate. The organizers will not object if the rainbow flag flies in the stadium. People from the LGBT community will not be banned. Another rule in Qatar is that alcohol cannot be consumed in public. Creating an alcohol zone. Where only alcohol can be consumed. Spectators may bring alcohol inside the stadium.

You can also drink. But if a visitor tries to sell it, he will be in legal trouble. Football fans have no such rules in stadiums. However, you cannot change any clothes in the stadium. While there are no strict rules in stadiums, on the streets of Qatar they have to cover their shoulders and knees. This rule also applies to museums, government offices.

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