Super Meteor 650 Unveiled in Global Market, Harley Davidson’s Thoughts Raised, See First Image

Super Meteor 650 Unveiled in Global Market, Harley Davidson's Thoughts Raised, See First Image
Super Meteor 650 Unveiled in Global Market

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650: End all speculations. Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 has been launched in the global market.

The long awaited Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 has been launched for the first time. Royal Enfield has showcased the new bike at the EICMA 2022. This exhibition is being held in Milan, Italy.

Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 are famous motorcycles of Royal Enfield. The company has produced a new 650 cc bike based on the same platform as both of them. At the same time, the company has given the bike a new cruiser look.

Its style is designed to give tough to the famous Harley Davidson cruiser type motorcycles. Most importantly, the bike has been developed with a very short wheelbase of 1,500 mm which has attracted the attention of many.

Super Meteor 650 Unveiled in Global Market, Harley Davidson's Thoughts Raised, See First Image

Even though the company has developed this bike with a multi-specialty strategy, it has not failed to replicate the Meteor 350 bike. Yes, Royal Enfield has developed Meteor 650 as the elder brother of this bike. According to reports, the company will offer the bike in two styles – Standard and Tourer.

Royal Enfield will offer the Standard variant in five colors and the Tourer variant in two different paint schemes. Apart from this, the Tourer variant will get features including a tall wind screen, backrest for the pillion rider, dual seating arrangement, panniers, touring handle bar and larger foot pegs.

These features make the Meteor 650 Touring version a true tourer bike. The company has used a parallel twin motor with a capacity of 648 cc in this bike. This bike has been used by Royal Enfield in the twin bike models Interceptor and Continental GT.

The motor is capable of churning out a maximum power of 46.2 bhp and 52 Nm of torque. Super Meteor 650 19-16 inch alloy wheels are used. Further, 43 mm upside down forks and dual spring set-up are used for better suspension.

As such, a medium digital instrument cluster is offered on the Super Meteor 650 bike. Along with this, the motorcycle is also provided with tripper navigation system, LED headlamp and tail lights. Similarly indicators are also provided in LED standard.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 : End all speculations. Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 has been launched in the global market. This much awaited model of Royal Enfield has been showcased at EICMA 2022. According to the company, the new bike will come in three variants – Super Meteor 650 and Super Meteor 650 Tourer. According to auto sites, that would naturally make one think of the ‘American Muscle Bike’ Harley Davidson.

Royal Enfield Bikes Super Meteor 650 : Available in two variants,

this bike was recently showcased at EICMA. Among the three colors are Astral Black Super Meteor 650 as well as Solo Tourer models. The company has come up with a lot of accessory kits in this tourer model. These include bars, mirrors, deluxe footpegs, solo finishers, LED indicators and machined alloys. These include deluxe touring dual-seat, touring windscreen, passenger backrest, deluxe footpegs, longhaul panniers, touring handlebars and LED indicators. Also unveiled is the Interstellar Green Super Meteor 650 that comes as standard.

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Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650: How does the bike look?

Super Meteor 650 looks very attractive and muscular design with USD fork and LED headlamp. This new 650cc model from Royal Enfield gets a complete premium touch and feel. Although its design is very similar to the 350 Meteor. The bike looks more premium with full LED headlamps.

The Super Meteor 650 Tourer is available in two colours, Celestial Red and Celestial Blue. It gets a larger windscreen with longer footpegs and a larger seat that is more comfortable. It gets instrument cluster with tripper navigation as standard.

Royal Enfield Bikes: Bike Specifications

Meteor 650 is offered with 19/16 inch wheel combination. Although its seat height is designed with shorter riders in mind. It is the heaviest of all Royal Enfield motorcycles. The weight of this bike is 214 kg. It can get at least 135mm ground clearance as per Indian roads.

Royal Enfield Bikes: How much will the price be?

This bike will be seen at the Rider Mania event. This bike may be launched next year. In that case, this bike will come to the world market with India. It may cost more than the current 650cc bike. It will be the most premium Royal Enfield bike, estimated to be priced above Rs 4 lakh. Overall it is a very attractive motorcycle, one of the most powerful in its segment.

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