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MP4 to GIF Converter

Convert MP4 to GIF online and instantly! Share the high quality animated GIFs on social media and other platforms.

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MP4 File Format

MP4 is also known as MPEG-4 Part 14 because it’s the 14th part of the standard MPEG-4 to define the format of compressed videos and audio files. The basic purpose of the MP4 format is to wrap around multimedia files, which is essential for playing the files without any interruptions. These days, almost all digital devices are compatible with MP4 format. Hence, you can easily play your desired video in MP4 format on your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. 

GIF File Format

Many people think that GIF is a file format for videos, but in actuality, it is an image file format. GIF is an abbreviation for Graphics Interchange Format, and its usage is quite popular on social media platforms and messaging services. It basically consists of a frame of images that make it an animated clip. 


Comparison Parameter



File Extension



File Size



Format Type

Video Format

Image Format




OS Compatibility

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

How to Convert MP4 to GIF?

SmallSEOTools’ MP4 to GIF converter has made the conversion process quite easy. Just follow the simple steps shared below to convert MP4 to GIF with this tool online.

  • Tap the Upload button to browse and select the MP4 file from your device.
  • Choose the Start time, end time, size, and FPS as per your requirements.
  • Click the Convert to GIF button.
  • Hit the Download button to save the mp4 to animated GIF file to your device. 

Features Offered by Our MP4 to GIF Converter

SmallSEOTools’ MP4 to GIF converter consists of a wide range of features. The features that make this tool stand out from other options available over the web include the following: 

Easily Convert MP4 to GIF

Our tool has a user-friendly interface that won’t let you go through any hassles. Its straightforward functionality makes it more convenient to turn mp4 into gif for everyone quickly and easily.

High-Quality Conversions

You can use our MP4 to GIF high quality tool without the fear of obtaining poor-quality results. The advanced algorithms of this tool make sure to preserve the quality of your MP4 file and return a high-quality GIF file in a matter of seconds.

Online MP4 to GIF Converter

Our web-based utility can be accessed from any device. All you need to use this tool is a stable internet connection. You can use any web browser, including Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Edge, to convert MP4 to GIF online.

Data Security

SmallSEOTools respects the privacy of all of its users. Hence, it has come up with the MP4 to GIF converter that won’t affect the confidentiality of your data in any way. Once the conversion is completed, your uploaded MP4 files will be removed from the servers instantly. 


How to Use a GIF?

GIFs are generally used like emojis to show one’s reaction to a certain situation. From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, and all other messaging and social media platforms, can make use of GIFs everywhere. GIFs are widely available on these portals, but if you wish to create custom GIFs from your videos. Download facebook videos or videos from any other platform then turn MP4 into GIF with convenience.

Can I Create GIF from MP4 for Free?

Yes! You can perform conversion without paying any charges with SmallSEOTools’ .MP4 to GIF maker. This tool allows you to convert as many MP4 files to animated GIFs as you want without imposing any restrictions.

How to Convert MP4 to animated GIF High Quality on Windows and Mac?

In order to turn MP4 into GIF in high quality on Windows and Mac, you can simply access MP4 to .GIF utility on through the default browser of your device. Once it is done, upload the MP4 file, adjust your requirements, and press the given button to retrieve the GIF file instantaneously.

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