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This favicon generator enables you to create favicons that uplift attraction of your website. Just upload the image file and click the ‘Generate Favicon’ button now!

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Max Size 2 MB

About Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator is an amazingly useful tool that will enable you to create a desired website favicon. This tool is a must-have if you want to create favicon from png, jpg, and images anytime you need. Favicon creator holds great significance in the branding of a website or an online business. Favicons are essential for the immediate visual identification of your website, enabling web users to have a more convenient and easy navigation. 

Favicon is short for “favorite icon”, also known as a page icon, website icon, shortcut icon, tab icon, or bookmark icon. It is an icon that appears next to any website’s URL in the address bar of a browser or next to a website’s name in the open tabs or bookmark list. Every website or webpage has its own particular favicon. The standard size for a favicon is 16x16 px or 32x32 px.

How to Generate Favicon?

The process of generating favicon using our web-based tool is free of any intricacies. Simply follow the instructions shared below to create favicon from jpg instantly.  

  • Land on this favicon generator. 
  • Upload an image of 2MB (JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF) from your device, dropbox, or google drive.
  • Click the “Generate Favicon” button. 
  • The tool will start working and create a favicon quickly. 
  • After completion, you can proceed to download the favicon package on your device. 

Why Choose Our Favicon Generator?

The internet is flooded with a plethora of favicon generators. But, the unique and advanced features you find on our tool to convert image to favicon make it the perfect of all. The key benefits of using this favicon maker are shared below. 

  •  Create Favicon Instantly

The super-friendly interface of this favicon generator allows newbies to create favicons online for their personal or commercial use instantaneously. Simply upload the image, and the tool will make favicon from png or other file formats in a matter of a few seconds. 

  • Ease to Design Website Favicon

Spend hours on website design? Now it's time to create a favicon. SmallSEOtools' favicon creator ensures instant creation with accurate dimensions, formats, and image clarity across various display sizes.

  • Support All Browsers and Platforms

 The favicon maker we are offering is compatible with all devices. You can generate favicon with this tool from any device. Moreover, our tool supports all operating systems, such as Windows, IOS, Android, and Mac. You also don't need to install any specific web browser to use this favicon creator, as it works exquisitely on all web browsers. 

  • Free Favicon Generator

 Looking for a tool that allows you to generate Favicons without requiring a premium membership? Try our free-to-use tool and make countless Favicons for your website without wasting money.  

  • Different Image Formats and Sizes

 The Favicon generated with this online tool comes as a .png or "favicon.ico" file in the following sizes: 

  1. 16x16 pixels
  2. 32x32 pixels
  3. 96x96 pixels
  4. 256x256 pixels

You can also get icons in other formats for Android, iOS, and Windows. It enables you to choose the format of the generated icon according to your requirement.

Frequently Asked Question 

Which Type of Images Are Most Suitable for The Favicon Generator?

Our free favicon generator allows you to upload images in .jpg, .png, and. GIF format to generate Favicon.

Why there is a Need for an ICO File Instead of A PNG?

The ICO is a special image file that browsers use. Its unique feature is that it's multilayered, and each layer of the Favicon keeps a different size of the picture. The ICO formatted favicons' sizes are mostly 16x16px, 32x32px, and 48x48px. However, web browsers can also modify the ICO file for better compatibility.

What a User Gets After Making Favicon from a Favicon Generator?

The favicon package you get from our favicon converter contains the following files.


The image with a size of 180x180px is used by Apple devices.  

site.web manifest

The favicon image with a size of 192x192, or 512x512 px, and the required configuration manifest. It is mainly used when the website is installed on a device's home screen.


The favicon image with a size of 16x16 or 32x32px is displayed on browser tabs, bookmarks, search results, etc.


The image in the .ico format includes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, and 64x64px icons.

How to Add website Favicon in HTML?

 Save your favicon image to the root directory of your server or create a new folder in the root directory called images. Then save your favicon image in this folder. The most used name for a favicon is "favicon.ico."

After that, insert a <link> to your "index.html" file after the <title> element. Lastly, save the "index.html" and then reload your web browser. The new tab opened in your browser will show your favicon image to the left of the page title.

How to add Favicon to your website?

Once you get the results, now it’s time to upload the icon to your website.

  1. Upload the icon to your website and then, verify it by typing in the location of the browser, where "" is the website you are adding the icon to.
  2. Now, insert the given code in the HEAD of the pages and the main index page of the website.

 What Are Acceptable Favicon Formats?

The most famous web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Bing, support GIF, JPEG, SVG, and PNG favicons. But, many websites prefer PNG files to ensure image quality which will appear better in web browsers and devices.

 What Are the Best Practices for Creating a Favicon?

The simplest way to make Favicon for your website is through our free Favicon generator. This tool allows you to create jpg, png to favicons only with a few clicks on your device.

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