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Logo maker by SmallSEOtools empowers you to design your company logo. You can make a perfect logo design for your brand in a few clicks!

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Customize a professional logo template to make it look exactly the way you want to portray your brand’s identity.

Make a free logo with Smallseotools Logo Maker in minutes!

It only takes a few minutes to create a logo online with this free logo maker. Simply customize the template to meet your requirements and get your hands on a custom logo.

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The logo designs created with this online logo maker free tool can be shared, uploaded, and printed as you want. Also if you want to use the logo on your website or print it on a flex, poster, or billboard, you won’t face any hurdles with the logo creator free utility. This logo generator doesn’t impose any kind of restrictions on the usage of logos created through it.

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Do you want a unique, striking logo for your company? You have landed at the right spot because our logo creator offers attractive logo templates that cover every possible industry. The logo design ideas available here will never cause any disappointment. Choose your favorite logo design and customize it according to your brand values to create a memorable identity.

Thousands of cool logos to choose from

We will never let you run out of modern logo ideas. You can make logo by selecting a free logo design from hundreds of logo templates given in each category. This platform gives users the liberty to choose a modish or simple logo design from its library. You can get your hands on free logo design templates on DesignStudio and create your brand logo design whenever you want!

Create Your Logo
Create Logo

Benefits of this logo maker

Designing a logo is easy with our online logo creator. You can easily design your brand logo using this platform. The benefits of using our logo generator are mentioned below.


High-Resolution Logos

We never compromise on the quality of the visual emblem we provide to our users. The visual asset file is provided in the form of PNG format for keeping the original quality intact.

Wide Variety

Wide Variety of Templates

We offer a wide range of logo templates organized into different categories to help the users identify the most appropriate logo for their brand.


100% Free

It’s a 100% free tool for a lifetime.


User-Friendly Interface

The Tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for everyone to edit the templates as per their requirements.


Unique Brand Identity

Build your brand’s distinctive identity by designing a unique logo. Customize any template you desire for your business.


Logo Copyright Ownership

You will get complete ownership of the logo designs. The final logo can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Build Your Brand Identity with the Perfect Logo Design

Who says perfection cannot be achieved in this imperfect world? Being an entrepreneur, you cannot sit relaxed and let things happen their own way. For building your brand identity, it’s essential to create a perfect logo design. If you’re wondering how, then there is no need to worry. logo maker online is the one-stop solution for all businesses to establish themselves as renowned brands. The exceptional variety of logo design ideas offered here helps people of every industry to curate an auspicious and flawless logo.

Types of Logo

It’s essential to get your logo right for attracting customers in a first impression. To do so, learn the types of logos and figure out the one best for your brand.

Make Logo
Make Logo

Logo Colors

The colors in a logo contain the power to increase brand retention. The logo colors can trigger emotions and help the customers to remember a brand for a long time.

Logo Shapes

Choosing the right shape is of utmost importance in the logo designing process. Therefore, it’s essential to look into the logo shapes which can help in conveying an accurate message.

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Keep Your Logo Engaging, Memorable but Simple

You need to consider several factors while designing a logo in order to come up with an emblem that engages the audience and is memorable to them. However, many people end up with complex logo designs while trying to create an engaging and memorable logo. You need to ensure simplicity in the logo you’re designing, as complex designs aren’t easy to remember. You don’t need to wonder about creating such a logo, as the logo maker is readily available for your rescue. The inspiring logo designs available on this platform will help you achieve this task without following any intricate procedures.

Our tool is availble in multiple languages

Frequently Asked Questions

A logo maker is an online tool that allows you to create your own logo with the assistance of given templates in multiple categories. This tool comes with advanced editing features, which makes it easier for the users to create the logo design they want by editing pre-made templates.
Yes! This logo maker is free of cost and also allows you to create as many logos as you desire without charging a penny. It's a perfect option for startups that cannot afford to hire a freelance designer.
SmallSEOTools logo maker is for everyone around the globe. Businesses choose to take assistance from this online platform, as it is providing templates in a plethora of categories, such as Architecture logo, Barber, Art, E-Sports, etc.
You can start designing a logo with this hassle-free tool by merely selecting a design from its wide range of templates. After the selection of a template, you can alter the text, shapes, and background to design a logo of your own choice.
Yes, you can customize a logo as per your requirements without facing any restrictions. This online tool allows you to select a template and make changes to its elements, text, background, and shapes without the assistance of any professional.
As soon as you have completed designing your logo, you can easily download it on your device. You can start using your logo straight away without facing any restrictions.
Once you have downloaded your logo design, you can edit it further to improve the logo as you desire. You aren’t restricted to editing your logo after downloading it.
Yes! Logos serve as visual representations of businesses, and your company needs one in order to stand out from others in the field. In addition, the logo works as a branding tool for your company, as it allows the customers to remember your offerings.
You can curate the logo design with this online logo generator in less than 5 minutes.
You should choose a logo that suits the industry you’re working in and, most importantly, resonates with your brand. This logo maker online provides you a wide range of logo design ideas split into multiple categories to meet the needs of people working in all niches.
If you think icons are irrelevant in a logo design you’ve chosen from this logo maker’s library, you can simply delete the layers. In addition, you can also incorporate the icons of your own choice, as this utility comes with a wide range of icons that are covered under multiple categories to assist businesses operating in all domains.
No! Getting registered or signing up for SmallSEOTools is not a requirement for using this logo maker.
Yes! You can save your logos. Once you’re done with the required customization, you can click the download button and save your logo design without any hassle.
SmallSEOTools logo maker allows its users to download their logos in multiple file formats, including JPG, PNG, and PDF. If you opt to save multiple variants of a logo with a single click, the logo creator will transfer them in a ZIP file.
Yes! Logo generator and logo creator are the interchangeable terms that are used to define this utility.
If you have any queries related to designing and downloading your logo or need assistance, you can use the Contact Us form and submit the question. Our support team representative will get in touch with you on your provided email as soon as possible.
No! You can create logo design online free without registration on this logo maker. It doesn’t ask you to follow any intricate procedure to create your business logo design.
Yes! This logo generator provides its users with logo design ideas free of cost. You can create a business logo design without paying any charges.
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