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Text Summarizer

Text summarizer lets you summarize text in one click. Simply upload content, select Summarizer mode (Key sentence or Paragraph), hit the given button and get results.

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Summarizer by

The AI-powered summarizer by is designed to help individuals summarize lengthy articles. Reading a text thoroughly and extracting the main points is a herculean task. To overcome this hassle and help you achieve efficient results, SmallSEOTools is here with the AI summarizer. You can access our text summarizer from anywhere around the world to summarize content in a matter of seconds. It’s a free-of-cost tool that allows you to summarize text as many times as you want without facing any limitations.

Summary Generator TO

The summary generator is a beneficial tool for writers in multiple ways. You can use the text summarizer to achieve the following objectives:

  • Simplify Text With Article Summarizer

It is essential to simplify text and make it easier to understand for the readers, as many people just run away from lengthy and complex articles. The AI summary generator can help you keep your audience stuck to your content by simplifying text on your behalf. This article summarizer allows you to summarize article and presents a simplified and more accessible text version. 

  • Paragraph Summarizer to Reduce Reading Time

As a visitor to a blog or website, if you are curious to understand the context of the entire text without giving it a thorough read, you can simply generate its summary with our text summarizer. This paragraph summarizer will summarize paragraph and give you a shortened version of a lengthy text and reduce reading time. 

  • Long to Short Transcripts

Converting a lengthy transcript into a shorter one may seem tiresome, but the summary generator can make it easily executable. You can submit your transcript to this summarize tool and get your hands on its precise version.

  • Extract Key Points

A text summarizer is a helpful tool for presenting essential information about an article to the audience. If you wish to extract content highlights, you can use this summary generator online tool. This facility can extract key points from a lengthy text without letting you go through it.

  • Condense Article

The writers are often required to eliminate fluff from their content and present the main details about a topic. In such instances, a summarizing tool can help you condense information, as it removes unnecessary information and retains the main points from your content.

Where to Utilize Text Summarizer

The usage of our text summarizer isn’t restricted to a certain type of content. This AI summarizer tool has a wide range of use cases, which involve the following: 

  • Newsletters

Not everyone dares to go through lengthy news articles. In fact, many people just aim to go through the bulletins and don’t bother reading the entire report or article. So, to match the expectations of such readers, you can use the text summarizer to generate concise versions of your articles suitable for newsletters. By following this strategy, you will be able to share the information in your articles with a broader audience, and it may also increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter.

  • Social Media Channels

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience. However, on different social media channels, the attention span of viewers is relatively low. Hence, you cannot share lengthy blogs or articles in social media posts, as it can have a negative impact. When you need to share existing information in a precise manner with your followers on social media, you can consider condensing the lengthy text with the text summarizer. Through this strategy, you can draw the attention of social media users to the main points without creating any sort of boredom for them.

  • Literature Reviews

The scholars need to go through an extensive range of academic papers and articles to conduct literature reviews efficiently. However, it’s not easy for all scholars to read and review these documents due to distractions and a lack of time to invest. Hence, to speed up the review process, they can take the assistance of the text summarizer. This summarize generator can help them extract key findings and main points of academic papers and articles. As a result, the scholars will be able to conclude literature reviews with ultimate accuracy and efficiency. 

  • Drawing Conclusion

When dealing with large volumes of text or data, it is quite difficult for marketers to draw conclusions. The text summarizer can help them in this scenario by creating a summary of all the information to highlight the trends, patterns, or key takeaways. Consequently, this summary tool can help marketers to make valuable decisions and reach a specific conclusion.  

  • Customer Pain Points

To address the issues of customers, it’s essential first to understand the problems they face. Asking customers about their problems on an individual level won’t be a feasible option. Instead, you can acquire reviews from them and use the summarizing tool to create their summary. It will allow you to analyze the pain points of customers without spending much time and effort. 

Tips for Summarizing Text Efficiently

Summarizing text can be tricky if you don’t follow a proper strategy. There are several stages involved in summarizing text. Here are the tips that you can follow to carry out this task efficiently: 

  • Read & Understand the Text

At first, you are required to go through the text you wish to summarize. This is the most important step for summarizing text efficiently, as without deeply analyzing text, your summary won’t be able to justify it. In addition, you shouldn’t confuse this process with mere reading, as you also need to understand the points discussed in the content.

  • Divide it into Sections

After reading and understanding the text, you need to split it into sections. It will make your text easily manageable and help you understand its main parts, which can give you an edge while summarizing it. This step is important because summarizing shouldn’t be based on a single section of your text. Instead, it needs to cover the information contained in your article or essay.

  • Highlight the Key Points of Each Section

Once you have divided the text into sections, you need to highlight the key points contained in them. Any factual or figurative data should be highlighted, as it will be essential for you to present such important details while summarizing the text.

  • Summarize Text Using Key Points

Now comes the actual text summarizing writing process in which you are required to use the key points that you highlighted in the previous step. It’s essential to cover all main points in the summary to present your text clearly and concisely. 

  • Cross-Check the Summarized Text

As you complete summarizing text, it’s essential to compare the summary with the actual text. When cross-checking the summary and original content, you need to look for the key points you missed and then summarize them as well.

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