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Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase paragraphs or entire documents while retaining the original meaning. It's a useful tool for writers, students, and anyone who wants to create original content.

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About Paraphrasing Tool

The best paraphrasing tool offered by SmallSEOTools is based on advanced algorithms that provide its users with top-quality rephrasing. This online facility doesn’t change some words with synonyms; it focuses on providing a newer version of an existing content with a complete restatement. Users don’t have to register or pay a penny to use this paraphrase tool. Its Advanced algorithms do the job independently without requiring human intervention.  You don’t have to invest time or manual efforts in paraphrasing your essays or paragraphs anymore due to the easy accessibility of this rephrase online tool.

How to Paraphrase Online?

Online paraphrase tool allows you to rephrase text or content instantly by following the simple steps below:

Step 1: Enter the text into the input section or upload a file from your system. 

Paraphrasing tool input box

Step 2: Click the “Paraphrase” Button.

Rephrase Button

Step 3: Choose the most appropriate synonyms.

Choose Synonyms

Step 4: Download your file within one click.

Paraphrasing Download Button

Pro tip: You can rephrase your text again, share it with others, print it or check for plagiarism, and many more.

Check Plagiarism Button

Why Do You Need a Paraphraser? 

Our paraphraser can be used for any writing-related task in the following ways. For example,

  • Versatile Text Rephraser

This free paraphrase online tool provides you with multiple ways to input text. You can paste the text you wish to paraphrase. You can upload files from cloud storage and local devices or directly drag and drop on this rephrase tool.

  • Variety of Synonyms

While paraphrasing your text, this paraphrase online tool comes up with a wide choice of synonyms. The users are free to choose the desired synonym that fits in their paraphrased text. You don’t have to worry about losing the original meaning of your text, as it provides you with a selection of words based on the context.

When you rephrase text using this AI-powered paraphraser, it highlights the words it has altered. Just click on a word, and a list of synonyms will appear. Choose the one that you find most suitable according to the sentence's structure.

  • Paraphrase Upto 2000 Words:

Our online paraphrasing tool enables you to rephrase texts of up to 2,000 words in a single go. You don’t need to paraphrase lengthy content in different portions anymore, as you might have to do while using other paraphrasing tools.

  • Get Rid of Plagiarism

Plagiarism can damage the reputation and career of writers. However, this rephraser provides a solution for eliminating plagiarism. Users can trust the authenticity of the text produced by this paraphraser online. To ensure uniqueness you can also check the plagiarism of paraphrased content with our plagiarism checker.

  • Discard Manual Efforts

Rephrasing content is laborious and time-consuming. First, read the entire text and understand its main idea. Later, you have to explain the entire concept in your own words. But this paraphraser allows you to rephrase online without typing a single word. Just upload the text, and you will get fresh content anytime.

  • Create Appealing Content

To grab the audience's attention, content should have the appropriate vocabulary, excellent tones, and engaging styles. Our paraphrasing online tool is capable of providing exceptional content that effectively grabs the attention of the intended audience.

  • Improved Sentence Structure

Manual paraphrasing hurts readability. However, this sentence rephraser not only improves the readability but also modifies the structure of your content. And gives you well-written, rephrased text.

👍Best for:
Assignments, Thesis, Blogs
🚫 Removes: 100% Plagiarism
✓ Enhances: Grammar & Vocabulary
✍️ Improves: Clarity and readability
🔥AI Modes: 4+ styles
🗺️ Multilingual: 8+ Languages
⌛ Time-Saving: One Click

Paraphrasing Tool Free: Features

You can enjoy the following features with the rephrase tool available on SmallSEOTools.

  • Increase Productivity

The key feature of using this paraphrasing online tool is that you can paraphrase as much content as you desire. Productivity is a severe issue when uploading blogs on a similar topic. The best paraphrasing tool allows you to be more productive as it helps you generate newer versions of the existing content without spending time or money.

  • Error-free Results

You will get a paraphrased text that won’t include any mistakes because our paraphrase online tool precisely rephrases text to offer you a completely accurate outcome.

  • Multiple languages

Our rephrase tool allows you to rephrase a single sentence or the whole content in multiple languages like English EN, Russian RU, Japanese JA, Italian IT, French FR, Portuguese PT, Spanish ES, German DE, and Chinese (Simplified). 

  • One-Click Download

After completing the rephrasing process, a download button and the paraphrased text will appear on your screen. After making the necessary modifications to your paraphrased text, you can click the download button to save the file on your device. 

  • No Need to pay Anyone

Using the AI-powered paraphrase tool by SmallSEOTools, you can rephrase multiple paragraphs, sentences, or articles without spending a penny.

  • No Compatibility Issues

While using this rephrase online tool, the users won’t face any compatibility issues. The rephraser can be accessed through any device. You won’t be asked to get a specific device or install any plugins for paraphrasing content with this online facility.

Beneficiaries of Paraphrase Tool

  • Students:

Individuals in schools and colleges must make academic assignments regularly. Writing assignments on different subjects requires extensive research, which often becomes challenging, especially if there is a time limit to deliver the work. Our paraphrase tool freely supports students in this situation. Students can get aid from this paraphrasing tool free to create human-looking content that they can submit to their supervisors without fearing plagiarism. 

  • Researchers:

Researchers can quickly paraphrase information from a manuscript or published paper into their work using our free paraphrasing tool. This helps them meet their deadlines while reducing their effort and increasing productivity.

  • Bloggers:

Running a successful blog site demands appealing content that can attract the audience and make them regular visitors to your site. Creating fresh and exciting content every time is a challenging task. But, no need to worry as the rephrasing facility is here to serve you. This approach fulfils your need for original text without hiring a professional writer.  

Is the Paraphrased Content SEO-optimized?

Yes! The content generated by this paraphrasing tool free is fully SEO-optimized. This paraphraser is based on AI algorithms, which smartly paraphrases a text based on SEO guidelines

  • Freelance Writers:

Meeting deadlines for delivering content often becomes challenging for freelance writers, especially if the assigned task is immensely technical. Our advanced content, paragraph, or word rephraser helps freelance or professional writers quickly create flawless, human-looking, and engaging content.

Rephrasing Tips & Examples 

The best paraphrasing tool rephrases someone else’s ideas. However, the meaning and essence of the original text stay intact. It helps in avoiding plagiarism, which is an unethical activity.

  • Use contextual synonyms
  • Restructure sentence formation
  • Change the order of words
  • Change the order of sentences


Original: The downward growth of the American economy has led many people to live their lives in uncertainty. They are struggling to meet their end needs for survival.

Paraphrased Version: The American economy is facing serious issues, and there are no signs of growth. Yet, people are putting their efforts into making a living.

Paraphrasing Modes

Our rephraser online offers four modes to write text; choose the mode that best suits you from this rephrasing tool.

Smart Spin (Recommended):

Use this mode as the paraphrase tool maintains the intent while making a few changes to make the content readable.

  • Ensures smooth flow of information. 
  • Rectify punctuation or grammar mistakes.

Ultra Spin:

Try the mode of this paraphraser to explain a complex idea in the simplest manner that everyone can easily understand. 

  • Improve clarity in the text.
  • Humanize content.

Spin Manual:

Boost creativity and improve readability score using this mode.

  • Produce data to attract your audience
  • Generate error-free text

AI Writer:

Let the AI help you rephrase published content using the most suitable synonyms in this AI-powered mode.  

  • Advanced AI-based features
  • Quick paraphrasing



Smart Spin Recommended: [Free Plan]

✅65 % Uniqueness

✅Smooth flow of information

✅100% Readability

✅Rectify punctuation or grammar mistakes

Ultra Spin [Premium]

✅100 % Uniqueness

✅Smooth flow of information

✅100% Readability

✅Improve clarity in the text

✅Rectify punctuation or grammar mistakes

✅Humanize content

Spin Manual [Premium]

✅100 % Uniqueness

✅Smooth flow of information

✅100% Readability

✅Improve clarity in the text

✅Rectify punctuation or grammar mistakes

✅Humanize content

✅Boost your creativity

AI Writer [Premium]

✅100 % Uniqueness

✅Smooth flow of information

✅100% Readability

✅Improve clarity in the text

✅Rectify punctuation or grammar mistakes

✅Humanize content

✅Boost your creativity

✅Provides most appropriate synonyms

100% Secure Paraphrasing Tool

This paraphrasing tool online keeps the integrity of your work. This tool’s databases don’t store or transmit your data to any other source. Once your content is paraphrased, the tool safely removes your data on the spot.


  • What is Paraphrasing?

Definition: Paraphrasing is restating a statement without changing the context of the text or passage by using other words.

Meaning: Paraphrasing is the restatement or rewording of a text or passage to expand, clarify, and summarize the content without plagiarizing. It is generally used to rephrase online essays, research papers, and journalistic content.

  • How Many Sentences Can I Paraphrase Online Free?

You can paraphrase as many sentences as you desire free of cost.

  • Does Paraphrased Content Contain Grammatical Mistakes?

No! The paraphrasing tool online free offered by SmallSEOtools provides you with content without any grammatical mistakes. You can utilize our grammar checker for a swift review for additional assurance of grammar issues!

  • Which Browser Should I Use to Access this Paraphrasing Tool?

This tool can be accessed through any web browser. You won’t face any complexities while accessing this tool.

  • Does This Paraphrasing Tool Online Generate Unique Content?

Yes! This rephrase tool generates unique content against your entered text. It conducts smart rephrasing and provides such content that shows no sign of duplication.

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