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Binary To ASCII

Convert Binary code to ASCII text. Just enter a binary number i.e. 01000001 and click the "Convert To ASCII" button, You can Enter Binary value of unlimited length to translate it into ASCII character. Our tool: Binary to ASCII Converter can transform your given binary numbers to ASCII on the click of a button.

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How Does This Online Binary to ASCII Converter Work

You can convert all of your binary codes to ASCII characters, as the sequence of ones and zeros can be really confusing when trying to switch manually. It is also quite a time-consuming task when you have to match each binary bit to find its ASCII character. Not to worry, Translation of binary numbers to ASCII text is quite easy; you just have to paste the binary string and it will result in a translated ASCII Word. our Binary to ASCII text converter can transform the data for you by following the below-given steps:

How To Translate Binary to ASCII Text In 2 Simple Steps.

  1. You can translate binary to ASCII text by searching for a large text box with the title “Enter your Binary” on this page. In the text box, you can either choose to write the numbers yourself or copy and paste from an already saved file. The below-given picture shows how to write binary numbers.
  2. When you are done writing all you have to do is press the button “Convert To ASCII,” and the results will be displayed instantly. The translated material can be copied to ClipBoard.

You can also Convert ASCII Values back to Binary numbers with ASCII to Binary Tool by

Why We Use Binary ASCII Converter: Basic Concepts Explained

Binary Number System

Binary numbers are a part of a computer system and all other machines. ASCII and binary are two different types of communication formats that are available when you are sending a PostScript file from a system that is MAC-based. The ASCII mode is used to transfer textual data whereas binary mode can transfer files as raw data which includes audio, pictures, and GIF files.


ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange these codes were developed when computers were invented.

The ASCII codes consist of 128 7-bit characters, where 7-bits are required when you are representing an ASCII character. You can easily create an ASCII file using a text editor like notepad and if you aren’t already aware ASCII can store information in the form of ones and zeros. Also, these files are stored like you save regular files because a computer only understands this system.

All the ASCII characters are assigned a unique binary number so the text you enter will be matched to the already allocated binary number list and upon processing will convert all the Binary numbers to ASCII text. There are 128 characters in the ASCII standard which include 32 control characters that are unprintable and used to control external devices such as printers, Other 94 characters from 32-127 are printable characters represent digits, letters, graphic characters, a space character, a delete character, and a few miscellaneous symbols.

In the beginning, the commands that machines used were limited to “start, wait, and complete” but today The ASCII standard is utilized in every device.

Binary & ASCII Encoding, The Main Points To Notice

As the coded characters set contains 128 7-bit characters, minimal control codes are placed in the data, and today all the communication mediums have considered the ASCII a standard.

The files on the computer are stored in the form of small pieces which are known as bits, and as 7-bits are necessitated to indicate an ASCII character, you are not using the 8th part of the bit which also means the most critical bit of one byte is not being utilized.

When it comes to binary files, they don’t have such restrictions, all the 256-bit patterns can work, and any pattern can be added in any byte of the data. ASCII files have vital importance when it comes to programming and development of web pages. All the ASCII codes have a specific purpose and HTML is also written in ASCII plus every character has a unique meaning that can be read by the browsers to display the information.

Today, the binary modes are used to transfer .exe files, compressed versions of records, and various types of images. When we talk about browsers, they use the binary information which is coded in it to analyze the HTML ASCII file and transform it into a displayable webpage. Do you know that the data of Photoshop and other programs generated files are considered to be binary files? You might have come across the term encoding many times. It means the data is being converted to binary code.

Where ASCII Characters Stored and Retrieved in Memory?

The Truth is characters do not exist, they do not exist in any kind of data storage of computers. Computers and electronic devices just store data in binary numbers and nothing else. In order to store letters, words, and texts, computer devices have to follow common character-encoding schemes to support characters.

Binary To ASCII Characters Conversion Table

Binary ASCII Hexadecimal
00000000 NUL 00
00000001 SOH 01
00000010 STX 02
00000011 ETX 03
00000100 EOT 04
00000101 ENQ 05
00000110 ACK 06
00000111 BEL 07
00001000 BS 08
00001001 HT 09
00001010 LF 0A
00001011 VT 0B
00001100 FF 0C
00001101 CR 0D
00001110 SO 0E
00001111 SI 0F
00010000 DLE 10
00010001 DC1 11
00010010 DC2 12
00010011 DC3 13
00010100 DC4 14
00010101 NAK 15
00010110 SYN 16
00010111 ETB 17
00011000 CAN 18
00011001 EM 19
00011010 SUB 1A
00011011 ESC 1B
00011100 FS 1C
00011101 GS 1D
00011110 RS 1E
00011111 US 1F
00100000 Space 20
00100001 ! 21
00100010 " 22
00100011 # 23
00100100 $ 24
00100101 % 25
00100110 & 26
00100111 ' 27
00101000 ( 28
00101001 ) 29
00101010 * 2A
00101011 + 2B
00101101 - 2D
00101110 . 2E
00101111 / 2F
00110000 0 30
00110001 1 31
00110010 2 32
00110011 3 33
00110100 4 34
00110101 5 35
00110110 6 36
00110111 7 37
00111000 8 38
00111001 9 39
00111010 : 3A
00111011 ; 3B
00111100 < 3C
00111101 = 3D
00111110 > 3E
00111111 ? 3F
01000000 @ 40
01000001 A 41
01000010 B 42
01000011 C 43
01000100 D 44
01000101 E 45
01000110 F 46
01000111 G 47
01001000 H 48
01001001 I 49
01001010 J 4A
01001011 K 4B
01001100 L 4C
01001101 M 4D
01001110 N 4E
01001111 O 4F
01010000 P 50
01010001 Q 51
01010010 R 52
01010011 S 53
01010100 T 54
01010101 U 55
01010110 V 56
01010111 W 57
01011000 X 58
01011001 Y 59
01011010 Z 5A
01011011 [ 5B
01011100 \ 5C
01011101 ] 5D
01011110 ^ 5E
01011111 _ 5F
01100000 ` 60
01100001 a 61
01100010 b 62
01100011 c 63
01100100 d 64
01100101 e 65
01100110 f 66
01100111 g 67
01101000 h 68
01101001 i 69
01101010 j 6A
01101011 k 6B
01101100 l 6C
01101101 m 6D
01101110 n 6E
01101111 o 6F
01110000 p 70
01110001 q 71
01110010 r 72
01110011 s 73
01110100 t 74
01110101 u 75
01110110 v 76
01110111 w 77
01111000 x 78
01111001 y 79
01111010 z 7A
01111011 { 7B
01111100 | 7C
01111101 } 7D
01111110 ~ 7E
01111111 DEL 7F


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